Medicaid Spend down works by having medical expenses that can be subtracted from the

individual income.  Subtracting medical expenses (such as prescription drugs, Co-pay,

etc.) from their income can reduce their income to a level below the maximum allowed by

the NYS’s Medicaid plan. Created with the Medicaid “Spend-Down” program in mind and

designed to ease the workload of workers as well as simplifying the accounting process,

the application allows the users to focus very little on endless receipts entry and paper

work and more on the task at hand.  Overall, the workers would be able to provide better

services for clients and increase efficiency for the department. There are many

components to this application such as:

  • Defining the client’s coverage period and their overage amount.  
  • Allows workers to record receipts submitted by the client in the system
  • Allows workers to give coverage from spenddown and PayIn
  • Prioritize Spenddown receipts so workers can determine the order of receipts to use
  • Calculates the accounting period lookup
  • Provides a system of refunds and at the same time update with accounting PayIn

The application is also created with the Accounting Department in mind.  The MA Spend-
down process is now linked with the accounting process.  Thus, eliminating the two
separate processes from the original spenddown procedure.  Accounting would be able

  • Create a process for accounting to input payment
  • Allows accounting personnel to update funds deposited (checks, money order,
    cash, etc.)
  • Notifies Accounting if client has a past history of bounce checks
  • Allows Accounting to look up coverage and overage to prevent over or under
  • Generates fiscal report payment
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