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provide the right people, services and products to our clients. We’ve been
helping businesses and government agencies to improve quality, reduce
cost and make their operations more efficient by applying Technologies
and Services in strategic areas.

  •     Business and IT Consulting
  •     Web-Based Software Solutions
  •     Application Development
  •     Database Development
  •     Data Warehouse
  •     System Integration
  •     Training and Technical Supports
  •     Supervisory Case Review (SCR)
  •     Electronic Authorization (EA)
  •     Waiting Room Tracking
  •     Homeless Shelter Tracking
  •     Recertification Scheduling
  •     Task-Based Work Process
  •     Medicaid Spend Down Tracking Application
  •     Cashiers System
  •     Waivers to Increase Efficiency
  •     Integration of Interactive Voice Response (IVR)         
  •     Task Management System (TMS)
  •     Workflow Management
  •     Application with Local/State Data
  •     Fair Hearing

Public Benefit Management Consulting (PBMC)

Social service organizations have limited resources yet expanding
caseloads. In this current environment implementing efficiency strategies
such as shifting from a caseload-based to a task-based system make the
difference in meeting mandated timeliness standards without additional
staff resources. Let us sit down with you and discuss your needs, look at
your present state and the possibilities to make major or minor changes to
your organization that will allow you to become as efficient as possible.

Steve Seifritz

More than 31 years’ experience in Social Services, 18 as an administrator
A proven record of success in administering complex programs
Expert in designing and developing efficient solutions for problems in
public benefit programs
Presenter at several regional Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
conferences across the country
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