About Our Business

Established in 2006 to meet the complex needs of Human
Services, VenTek Inc. is an organization that has the government
experience, commitment, dedication, brainpower, and people with
the personal skills to achieve this goal.  VenTek knows the
Department of Social Services.  Our customers, such as Jefferson
County, Onondaga County, Niagara County, a
nd Nassau County, are
extremely happy with the way we executed our work with the utmost
professionalism and with delivery on time and under budget.  

These successes prove firsthand how VenTek has been helping
government transform from older, outdated tools to the latest state-
of-the-art technology.

VenTek employs an unbeatable combination of experienced
people, unsurpassed project management skills, and proven best-
practiced services.  Our people have the skill sets necessary to
understand your requirements and provide the solution you need
and carry out your objectives with creativeness that will help save
County taxpayers money.  Many organizations have used our
talents and tools to produce high-quality results.  VenTek has
strived to provide the highest quality offering at a very competitive
price.  When all this is provided at the right price, the solution is
truly unbeatable
About Us
What's New?

* Niagara County DSS -
implemented Task
Management System(TMS)

*Jefferson County DSS -
obtained waiver from NYS to
process 3209 via Electronic
Authorization (EA)

*Onondaga County DSS -
Supervisor Case Review
(SCR) for all area &
converted all Fair Hearing to
electronic processing

*Currently in the process of
implementing TMS to
Madison County DSS and
SCREAMS at Washington

VenTek Inc. offers
innovative technology
solutions designed to
meet the needs of
Human services. We
are committed to
providing high-quality
service and integrity to
our client partners. We
believe that this
approach to doing
business is the
foundation of our
success in our
long-term business

We have many areas of
technical expertise from
standalone system to
multi-users application.
We constantly embrace
new technologies and
merge them with
traditional approaches
to create the most
appropriate solutions
for our clients.
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